Mastergrip Apr 2024

Mastergrip Gloves

The Mastergrip Glove range provides the ultimate grip in bot wet and dry conditions.  The Mastergrip range includes Mastergrip, Patterns, Pro, Waterproof and Thermolite. They're offered in a range of sizes* from small to extra-large.  Find out more about the range, sizes offered and what task they can help you with below.




Our Mastergrip Gloves are ideal for general gardening tasks such as planting, weeding, pruning and watering.  They are lightweight and flexible making them perfect for delicate tasks. They are available in Green, Navy and Purple and have a latex coating to protect against liquid penetration. Find out more about our Green and Purple Mastergrip Gloves and Navy Mastergrip Gloves

Mastergrip Patterns 

The Mastergrip Pattern Gloves, are ideal for delicate and more intricate gardening tasks, such as planting, light weeding and pruning. They have a soft lining and latex coating that protects against liquid penetration. They come in 2 different patterns, Lavender and Cherry Blossom. Find out more.

Mastergrip Pro 

The Mastergrip Pro Gloves are ideal for those more demanding tasks such as digging, edging your lawn or raking. They are ideal for professionals demanding the ultimate grip and durability. The latex coating protects against liquid penetration and the breathable back enhances comfort when carrying out demanding tasks. Find out more.

Mastergrip Waterproof

The Mastergrip Waterproof Gloves are 100 percent waterproof and are ideal for gardening in wet conditions whether it be general gardening jobs, cleaning your greenhouse or just tidying up. They have a safe and secure hold in wet conditions and will help to keep your hands dry, comfortable and protected during long days gardening. They're constructed from thick nylon with a knitted wrist and a double coating of latex to provide unparalleled grip. Find out more.

Mastergrip Thermolite

The Mastergrip Thermolite Gloves will keep your hands warm whilst working in cold weather. They have a latex coated thumb and palm, with additional thermal lining to offer warmth and comfort whilst gardening. These lightweight gloves are perfect for general gardening jobs including pruning, planting, tidying up and much more. Find out more.

*Mastergrip - Green (S,M,L), Purple (S,M), Navy (L, XL), Patterns (S, M), Pro (S,M,L,XL), Waterproof (S,M,L,XL), Thermolite (S,M,L,XL)