Get festival ready. Jun 2022

The festival check list.

                                                        How to pack for festivals this season


With festival season upon us once again, we at Town & Country, have teamed up with festival and packing expert, Vicky Flip Flip, to put together the ultimate packing list to make sure you don’t forget a thing!


“Packing for a festival is all part of the fun, but never underestimate the importance of getting it right!


I’ve been going to festivals for over 20 years now, and my festival kit-list is now perfected. Let me share some of my pearls of wisdom to help you get prepared for one of the best weekends of your year.


First step is to look at the weather for the weekend to give you an idea of what you need to include. If there’s any sign of rain, get those wellies packed! Choose some good quality ones that you know are comfy, such as the Burford Wellington Boot from Town & Country, which come in a range of colours and sizes to match every festival outfit. I’ve been to Glastonbury when it was an absolute washout and people without wellies were sliding all over the place in the Glasto mud!


Now work your way up, if you need wellies then you need some good thick welly socks as you’re going to be walking round all day. Pack some jeans that fit in your wellies for if it’s cold, and then some shorts to go with the wellies if it’s warm - ideally both so you’re prepared. I’d also strongly recommend ladies packing leggings and tights as they’re easy to carry out with you during the day to stay warm at night under your shorts.


Then of course, underwear. Nothing like a fresh pair at a festival! Pack extra to stay fresh.


When it comes to tops, you need to think in layers at festivals and take some extra ones in your day bag. A strappy top doesn’t take up much space but smuggling it on under your top as it starts to get cold is like a warm hug – and you’ll thank me later. Whether you like to dress up or dress practically at festivals, always carry an extra layer for emergencies. Beanies are a great way to keep some heat in, too.


Some festivals will have clothes stalls, but you don’t want to rely on them so make sure you pack well. They’re a novelty, rather than something to count on.


When it comes to holding it all during the day, I’d recommend a bumbag and a rucksack. It’s really handy to have your bumbag for your phone, money and lip balm essentials within easy reach, while you can put your layers and bottles of water in your rucksack. The rucksack also doubles up for a great pillow, if the ground isn’t wet. If it is, carry some plastic bags with you, or groundsheets so you can sit down around the festival without getting filthy.


Pack some flannels, or eco-friendly face wipes to stay clean, a hairbrush, your dry shampoo and some biodegradable glitter too. Finally, this is the time to go for it with colourful eye shadows and fun temporary tattoos and transfers too. Express yourself!”