ECO-Flex Gardening Gloves Sep 2023

ECO-FLEX Gardening Gloves

The New ECO-Flex range is made from recycled ocean & plastic waste, so you don't have to choose environment over practicality.

The benefits of the ECO-Flex Glove range

These gloves answer the demand for a reduction in single use plastic and allows people to buy a pair of gloves for the long term, safe in the knowledge that their choice is helping not hindering the environment.


ECO-savings during manufacturing per pair of gloves

  • Co2 reduction = 227 grms per pair
  • Energy savings = 0.387 kwh per pair
  • Water consumptions savings = 5.15 litres per pair

The Collection

The collection encompasses four new pairs of gloves to tackle a variety of different gardening needs, The ECO-Flex Finesse, The ECO-Flex Comfort, The ECO-Flex Ultra and ECO-Flex Pro. They come  in a range of different sizes.

Please read below to find out more about each pair.


ECO-Flex Finesse Gloves

Ideal for carrying out delicate and intricate gardening task - find out more here.

ECO-Flex Comfort Gloves

Targeted protection on the palms and fingers to offer enhanced grip with great dexterity - find out more here.

ECO & Ocean friendly

Each pair of ECO-Flex Finesse and ECO-Flex Comfort gloves are made from approximately one recycled plastic bottle.

ECO-Flex Ultra Gloves

Providing extra grip and protection in all weather conditions, find out more here.


ECO-Flex Pro Gloves

Perfect for demanding tasks and long periods of use, as they are comfortable, tough and extra protective, find out more here.

ECO and Ocean friendly

Approximately 2 pairs of the ECO-Flex Ultra or the ECO-Flex Pro Gloves is made from 1 recycled plastic bottle.