Cloggies® range Mar 2024

Cloggies®, the ultimate slip-on slip-off footwear

Our Cloggies® offer an affordable and versatile range of slip-on slip-off footwear, for people of all ages and across all seasons. They are a must-have addition to any shoe collection, especially when it's warmer and we spend more time popping in and out of the garden.

Perfect for those quick gardening tasks, hanging out the washing, or even putting the bins out.

We offer a range of colours and styles including, Classic, Casual, Fleecy, Cool kids and Kids Fleecy Cloggies® and cater for UK sizes for Adults 4 to 11 and Children UK sizes 5 to 13.  

Classic Cloggies®

Our Classic Cloggies® are ideal for keeping your feet comfortable during long days working in the garden. They are light-weight yet sturdy, with cushioned insoles.

They have a waterproof exterior and are slip-resistant so can be used in less ideal weather and on wet ground. 

They come in a range of eye-catching colours, including raspberry, navy, and green. 

These are perfect for gardening, doing jobs around the house, or enjoying a leisurely stroll. Find out more.

Casual Cloggies®

Our teal, light-weight Casual Cloggies® are designed to keep feet cool and comfortable all day long during those hot summer days. 

They are sturdy and breathable with their open design helping to keep feet cool & comfy and their contoured shape provides a perfect fit. The ankle strap keeps them securely on your feet and their slip resistant sole gives you good grip. They are waterproof so can be worn in wet conditions, making them even more versatile. 

So, keep your feet cool and comfy in the garden, around the home or on the beach. Find out more.




Fleecy Cloggies® 

Our light-weight and stylish Fleecy Cloggies® are designed to keep your feet warm and comfortable during colder weather.  

The ankle strap and slip resistant sole ensures great comfort and grip. They come in a range of colours including teal, charcoal grey and navy blue and have a matching soft fleece lining adding to their comfort and style.

These shoes offer a luxurious feel for everyday wear, making them ideal for colder weather or simply lounging around the house and garden. Find out more.


Cool-Kids Cloggies® 

The light-weight Cool-Kids Cloggies® come in navy and pink and are the ideal solution for little ones, allowing them to easily slip their shoes on and off by themselves and protect their feet at the same time. They also come with a secure ankle strap and a slip resistant sole.

They're perfect for packing in your suitcase for holidays and ideal for trips to the beach. Find out more.

Kids Fleecy Cloggies®

The Kid's Fleecy Cloggies come in navy and pink and are available with a matching fleece lining to provide an extra layer of warmth during chilly weather. They also come with a secure ankle strap and a slip resistant sole.

They look great and also offer excellent protection and support for children's feet, making them a practical and fashionable option for everyday wear. Find out more.