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Town & Country has been designing and developing gardening gloves and footwear for nearly 30 years and today brings you an unrivalled collection that combines quality, style and performance, at a price that simply can’t be matched anywhere else.

Featured products

The outdoor sensor measures temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure and transmits the data wirelessly to the display console indoors. A user defined warning alarm can be set for maximum and minimum temperature. This can be set to alert you to extreme outdoor temperatures. Product Code - WEA21
Collect grass cuttings, weeds and other garden waste in this handy, multi-purpose tidy bag. Pops up to full size (69cm high by 58 cm diameter with a capacity of 182 litres) and folds flat for easy storage. Light and easy to carry,  made from a strong water-resistant material. Product Code - TCG8031
The UK’s best selling gardening glove - with one pair sold every minute. It offers protection against thorns and other sharp objects and has an excellent grip both in wet and dry conditions. The outstanding fit and snug wrist means there is no loss of touch. Product Code - TGL429
4mm thick neoprene lining covers the whole of the inside of the boot including the insole area for supreme comfort. A concertina-style gusset on the inside gives the boots the best adjustable fit. Contoured design and steel shank. Product Code - TFW2521-2528
An innovative multi-feature glove designed to offer an extremely close fit, unequalled dexterity and exceptional durability. Ultimax gloves are unbeatable for carrying out heavy duty tasks in maximum comfort. The palm of this glove is made from strong but supple synthetic leather and features textured palm pads for improved grip, added protection and extra durability. The back of the glove is stretch elastane for optimum comfort and fit with a neoprene knuckle ‘shock absorber’ and reinforced fingertips. Product Code - TGL435